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NRA pushes for more female gun instructors

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Guns are family tradition for Abby Watkins. Her grandparents and parents know how to shoot.

"They hunt and everything," Watkins said.

That is why it is important for her to learn how to properly handle a weapon.

Watkins could have gone with a male teacher, but she said having a woman show her how it's done makes learning easier.

"It's definitely more relatable, knows what you're tendencies are, so you can relate to that too," Watkins said.

The National Rifle Association is trying to boost the number of female instructors around the nation and in Georgia.

Women CBS 46 spoke with said that can go a long way toward making women who want to learn how to shoot feel more comfortable on the gun range.

"Women can relate to other women a lot better than men can relate to women," said Sarah Yarbrough, the assistant general manager of the Norcross Gun Club and Range and Watkins' personal instructor.

Yarbrough said men dominate the gun world. That is why having a female as a teacher is so important for a woman who's a first time learner.

"They're already nervous when they come into the gun range. It can be kind of an intimidating atmosphere. When they see another woman handling it well, it gives them a boost of confidence and they say, 'I can do it like that. She's not afraid. So I don't need to be afraid,'" Yarbrough said.

Robyn Marzullo, who owns the Sandy Springs and Norcross Gun Clubs and Ranges, said more women want to learn how to shoot for self-defense and for sport. Gun ranges, Marzullo said, had better keep up.

"More women are getting certified because there are more women shooters shooting every single day," Marzullo said. "There's a huge surge in women and shooters now. The industry had a choice, we could go with it or we could push back."

The NRA is organizing "Women on Target" training clinics nationwide and held 450 clinics for 12,000 women last year.

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