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Stolen mail leads to $150,000 in losses

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Simone Khalin set up a hidden camera to catch thieves stealing her mail.

"We felt like these people were waiting for the mailman to drop off the mail in the mailbox and they were right away after, in one or two seconds," she said.

She took matters into her own hands after finding letters scattered in the street and envelopes in her mailbox addressed to other people.

"Lucky for us, we were able to get video from the victim where it showed the actual suspect reaching into not only their mailbox, but the mailbox of their neighbors across the street," said US Postal Inspector Reldys Torres.

Torres and his crew quickly tracked down the suspects and unraveled the scam.

"They would take your mail, your bank statements, or your W2 forms. With a couple of phone calls they would reorder credit cards, debit cards, and your PIN number and have it mailed back to the same address," Torres said.

Since the mail was being delivered to the address of the legitimate card holder, the bank never suspected a thing.

"At ATMs, they would withdraw money, obviously, at stores they would buy high end computer equipment; iPads, phones - for resale value," Torres said.

Consumers often don't know their identity has been stolen until their next bank statement arrives a month later. In this case, 50 victims lost $150,000.

If you can, keep an eye on your mailbox and if you see someone snooping around, call police.

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