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Think twice before writing personal checks

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Maureen Webster still can't believe an identity thief stole thousands of dollars from her.

The most frustrating part is that it turned out to be her newspaper delivery guy.

"In my mind, he was a nice hard working man, never thinking, I never thought twice about tipping a newspaper delivery person with a personal check," Webster said.

She will from now on.

"He decided to make some additional checks that looked like mine and help himself to everything in my bank account," she said.

But the story didn't end with fraudulent checks. The thief also filed fraudulent tax returns and got into Webster's Fidelity account and tried to withdraw $10,000. The delivery guy was able to access all of this information with just her name and address.

But he didn't get far before authorities caught up with him.

"He wasn't hard to find. He was smart enough to figure out how to write checks out of peoples' accounts, but he wasn't smart enough to not write his name and address on his (own checks,)" Webster said.

If you write a personal check, look at your bank statements online to make sure zeros weren't added to the dollar amount.

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