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Elderly woman charged with murder after elderly man freezes to death in backyard

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Police charged a 73-year old woman with murder after they said a 66-year-old man froze to death in her backyard.

"I figured something would happen sooner or later," said Larry Hough, a neighbor.

Officers said Dale Smith let Arthur Pelham out of her home in January to catch an adult daycare bus. They said Smith was Pelham's legal caretaker.

They said Smith lived with a mental illness.

"She takes in roomers .... some of them are OK, some of them are not," said Hough.

Police said temperatures were extremely cold the day of the incident. They said the center Pelham attended closed due to the weather. Police said the bus never came and when Pelham tried to get back into the home Smith would not let him back in.

Police said Smith left Pelham outside for ten hours.

Investigators said Pelham then went to the backyard where he died of hypothermia by the back doorsteps.


They are not saying what reason Smith gave for not allowing Pelham back into the home.

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