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Suicide notes from FedEx gunman show no remorse

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For the first time we are learning what the FedEx shooter was thinking before he opened fire at the facility in Kennesaw wounding six, then taking his own life.

The Cobb County Police Department released two notes obtained during searches of Geddy Kramer's car and home. The notes are called, "Note 1: Final Requests" and "My final thoughts on paper."

The total length of both notes is five pages. Kramer admits to being depressed, and said he wants to hurt people. The notes also claim that he conducted a lot of research on "attack patterns and recipes for explosives."

The notes also show that Kramer lacked self-confidence, suffered from nightmares and felt isolated.

He claimed that going into the FedEx facility was not motivated by media, music video games, or any one person. But did say they were "to a small extent politically motivated."

Kramer was a package handler at the facility. He took his own life during the shooting after seriously wounding security guard Christopher Sparkman and wounding five others.

"I'm not sad or sorry for the misery I've caused," one note stated.

Kramer contradicted himself throughout his letters. He claimed he didn't just snap, then said he did snap because of months of frustration. At first Kramer said he thought about just shooting himself, but then decided "a life lived in infamy is better than just another nobody."

According to the notes, Kramer left more evidence as to his motive and taunted police to find them so they could "figure it out."

Kramer said items with more evidence were hidden in a 35 mile radius of his home.

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