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EXCLUSIVE: boat ride with investigators searching Lake Oconee

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The Department of Natural Resources is helping Putnam County Sheriff's office search for Shirley Dermond, 87, and her husband's head.

Police found 88-year old Russell Dermond's body in his garage on Tuesday. Police said someone cut off his head and took it with them.

The DNR gave CBS 46 an exclusive boat ride into the cove behind the Dermond's home. It's the only other way someone could access the Dermond's lakefront property on Reynolds' Plantation in the Great Waters Community.

Since the discovery was made Tuesday, investigators have been using sonar technology to search Lake Oconee.

Police believe Shirley Dermond was abducted, but the are not ruling out the possibility that she may have been killed and her body tossed in the lake.

"Usually when we have a drowning victim, the body has gasses in it. As the water heats up it causes the gasses to expand then you have a chance of recovering a body because they float to the surface," said DNR Corporal David Allen.

Allen searched the cove with sonar equipment on Friday.

"If anything has been put in the lake, body wise, then as the temperature rises the gasses of the body expands causing it to be buoyant and it floats to the top."

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