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Shirtless man found on school's roof: 'I just want to finish getting high'

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31-year-old Adam Lee Caulkins. 31-year-old Adam Lee Caulkins.

A shirtless man found on the building's roof who caused a Northland middle school to be evacuated has now been charged.

Court documents say 31-year-old Adam Lee Caulkins has been charged with one count second-degree tampering, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, one count of resisting a lawful detention and one count first-degree trespassing.

Monday morning police were called to Eastgate Middle School, located at 4700 Northeast Parvin Rd., after people reported a man on the roof with no shirt or shoes. The school had to go under emergency lockdown when the man didn't obey orders given by police.

Court documents say a deputy was directed to room in the school that had hatch and ladder access to the school's rooftop. The deputy said when he got to the roof he began looking around and saw a man with no shirt running at him. The deputy retreated back down the ladder and locked the hatch when the shirtless man refused to stop running. He said he worried that the man would try to get into the school.

According to court documents, other police got help from the fire department to use a ladder truck to get onto the roof. Once on there they spotted a man squatting behind an air conditioning unit with a syringe stuck in his arm.

"I just want to finish getting high," police said the man yelled.

Since the man hadn't followed any other orders by police, they used a stun gun on him before arresting him.

Police also found a syringe with apparent blood in it along with a plastic baggie that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Officers also noticed that three of the air conditioning units had been turned off, so the school was evacuated and a bomb squad K-9 unit was brought in.

The next day court documents said a detective interviewed a campus supervisor who said he had gone onto the roof to keep an eye on the shirtless man while the assistant principal got police. The campus supervisor said Caulkins tied a white shirt around his face and began to run at him, scaring him enough to retreat back into the school through the hatch. The campus supervisor said he even had to hold the hatch shut because Caulkins was banging on it and trying to open it.

Wednesday the detective interviewed Caulkins. Court documents say Caulkins admitted he had gotten onto the roof the same way he had been doing since he was a kid and attending Eastgate – jumping onto air conditioning pipes on the side of the building to get to the lower roof. Once there he used a pole to climb to the other roof.

"Caulkins said he did it a lot when he went to school there," court document said. "He wasn't thinking about the kids being in school, he just wanted to get high."

Caulkins also admitted to turning off the air conditioners, but had no idea why.

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