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Efforts to free dog with pipe on head continue

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The dog won't let people get very close to help him. (May 15, 2014/FOX Carolina) The dog won't let people get very close to help him. (May 15, 2014/FOX Carolina)
The stray dog with the pipe stuck on his head. (Source: Upstate Animal Rescue group) The stray dog with the pipe stuck on his head. (Source: Upstate Animal Rescue group)

A dog is in need of help after getting a piece of metal ductwork stuck on its head.

Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation said the dog was discovered Monday in Oconee County and has been unable to eat since getting the pipe stuck on his head.

The group said the dog is feral and won't let anyone get close to help, so they are looking for someone who can sedate and trap him in order to remove the pipe.

"There are a couple groups that have come out, and they have walked around and tried to catch him and different things. But he just runs, he goes and hides," said Charles Williams, who lives in the area where the dog has been spotted.

Williams said the dog has been living alone in the area for a while and he believes it was dumped as a puppy.

Kelly Blair with Upstate Animal Rescue said animal control helped them set a large trap for the dog Friday, but it continues to elude them. She said once they are able to catch the dog, they will need help with its medical costs.

"Right this moment we need prayer. This is next to impossible, but we will get him," Blair said. "Ask everyone to please step up to help him when he makes it to the vet."

Friday night they tried to lure the dog to where they could safely tranquilize it, but the dog kept running away.

The group said Friday is the fifth day the dog has had the pipe stuck on his head. A post from Blair was shared on the group's Facebook page early Saturday morning with some new information and clarifications as to why the dog continues to elude rescue efforts.

"He was seen twice today [Friday], after the first sighting, he was spooked by good meaning citizens, later on the day he presented again and was a fraction closer to us than last evening," the post stated.

"No animal control officer or veterinarian was ever close enough to Piper to even consider discharging a tranquilizer weapon, the target must be about 25 yards for the dart to reach, so since Piper is usually about 100 yards from the professional, there is no need to even attempt to tranquilize," the group posted.

The group said it has large traps out and have volunteers checking them hourly until night fall.

"So many wonderful people want to help, but right now the animal control and veterinarians are handling this situation and there needs to be no new traffic in this area. Once Piper is rescued he will need medical sponsors and there will be instructions as to veterinarian clinic or outlet to send his sponsorship," they said.

"We are on 500 acres of thick wooded area and the terrain is rough. Snakes and bear are plentiful, and it simply is not safe for the public to be in the area, especially with the chance tranquilizers are used," the group posted. "There is no netting, lassoing, dropping traps from trees, running Piper down with vehicles, it just does not work like that. If you will pray tonight that we hear the snap of the traps and it be Piper and ask that a miracle will happen to help the animal control and veterinarians relieve Piper from his suffering."

Upstate Animal Rescue will post updates as they are available on their Facebook page here.

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