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Top I-85 HOT lane violator owes $17k, has Peach Pass

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The biggest offender of the I-85 HOT Lanes has racked up 570 violations and owes $17,032 in tolls and fines, according to State Road and Tollway records obtained by CBS46 News.

The top violator told CBS46 investigative reporter Jeff Chirico that she has a Peach Pass and uses the express lanes to and from her place of employment in downtown Atlanta. She told Chirico that she didn't understand how she could have so many violations.

The top three violators all have Peach Passes which are needed to use the lanes and owe more than $15,000 each.

According to Bert Brantley, deputy executive director of SRTA, Peach Pass holders can be fined for not updating their account information, using a broken transponder and by crossing the double white lines to exit or enter the lane. 

"These aren't bad people, they just slipped through the cracks," said Brantley.

Brantley said SRTA notifies violators by email and mailed notices. 

This summer the authority will begin taking the biggest HOT lane violators to court to force them to pay the fines they've incurred. 

Brantley reminds Peach Pass holders to update their account information if they receive a new credit card or license plate. You can update your account information by going here.

There is also a Peach Pass mobile app.

Violators who fail to pay fines could have their vehicle registration suspended.

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