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Cobb homeowners want guardrails to protect their homes, county officials say hold on

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Some people in a Cobb County neighborhood are upset about the condition of Mabry Road. They want Cobb County officials to install a guardrail to keep vehicles from leaving the road and falling onto their homes which sit below the road.

"Do we have to wait until somebody is killed," said Danell Lamb.

That is the question Lamb and many others in her neighborhood are asking after an SUV fell into the backyard of a home Tuesday morning, striking the home in the process.

"I mean, the SUV was literally upside down on its roof. The gentleman was able to get through his sunroof and get out, and we are talking the vehicle landed just inches away from the room where the homeowner's two children sleep," said Lamb.

Lamb and others in the neighborhood said they are upset because county officials have agreed to install guardrails on two different occasions, but have reversed course both times.

"We were told an accident could never happen there. Well now we know that is not correct. An accident has happened," said Lamb.

Robert Quigley, the spokesperson for Cobb County, said the homeowner's requests are not as simple as they sound.

"If the design guidelines say these things meet the criteria to put them in, then certainly that is something we will go forward with. But if the case comes back and it is not warranted in that situation, there is fear that if we go above and beyond or do something that is outside of what the approved standards are, do we assume liability? Do we put another motorist at risk because of how the guardrail might impact them," said Quigley.

"Why is that different here than in any other place that a guardrail has been installed," said Lamb.

Cobb County officials said it will be a week before the results of a study into the problem are released.

"It's a guardrail. A piece of metal. Put it up and protect us," said Lamb.

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