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Winners asked to send money to claim prizes

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Arthur Norrod got a call out of the blue.

"The guy was all excited. He said, 'Congratulations," Norrod recalled.


Apparently, he had just won $2.5 million dollars, plus $2,000 a week for life. All he had to do was pay a one-time delivery fee of $1,500.

"He said, 'Go to Wal-Mart and get three green dot money cards and call me back," Norrod said.

The con artists told Norrod to scratch the back of the cards and read them the numbers over the phone. And just like that, the $1,500 was gone. Norrod never received a prize. In fact, he just got deeper into the foreign lottery sweepstakes scam.

"I started getting these calls from other people," Norrod said.

"The scammers are very relentless. They will call you day and night," said US Postal Inspector Brad Mahs.

The thieves are known to sell each other the phone numbers of victims.

Norrod received calls all day, and at one point, he was told he had won six separate prizes. Norrod admitted that he wanted it to be real.

"My wife being in a nursing home, and being retired, no money, 81 years old, you know - no chance of a job, so I wanted the money," he said.

Norrod ended up changing his number, but it didn't stop them.

"They'll go to the extent of neighbors, of taxi drivers, pizza delivery guys -- anybody they can get a hold of that will go to the house to continue the scam because they think they can still drag something out of him," Mahs said.

In all, Norrod lost $12,000. Always remember and stress to your elderly friends, family and neighbors that no legitimate lottery will ask you for money up front.

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