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Child forced to relieve self in classroom during lockdown

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Ruth Fyfe Elementary School in Las Vegas. (Erik Ho/FOX5) Ruth Fyfe Elementary School in Las Vegas. (Erik Ho/FOX5)

A second-grade teacher earlier this month made a judgment call that left a parent furious and her child embarrassed.

Parent Shay Jones said that on May 14, her daughter, who attends Ruth Fyfe Elementary School in Las Vegas, was forced to relieve herself inside the classroom into a wastebasket.

The school was on lockdown during the incident because of a report of a suspicious person in the area. During lockdowns, students are required to stay in their classrooms.

"You do not, I repeat, do not put a child on a nasty school trash can with a hard napkin, cover the corner with a partition, put on music so the other students can't hear. You just don't do that," Jones said.

Jones said the incident has made her daughter a target for teasing.

"I contacted the school. I got nothing. Not even an apology," Jones said.

The Clark County School District on Thursday issued a statement concerning the incident:

"Lockdown procedures in the district are utilized in emergency situations or when there is a perceived threat to safety. During a lockdown, staff and students are told not to leave their work or classrooms for safety reasons. The district will look into this situation to determine if additional staff training is needed to prepare for future situations."

Jones said her daughter appears stressed since the incident and is worried her classmates will never forget about it.

The school district's statement continued:

"Ruth Fyfe Elementary School is an outdoor school and there is no way for this student to access a restroom without exiting the safety of the locked-down building. A lockdown situation can last a few minutes or several hours, depending on the situation. When a lockdown is instituted, it is normal for teachers and staff to be unaware of how long the school or building will remain in lockdown status. In this situation, the teacher accommodated this student to avoid having the student urinate on his or herself, and create a possible health issue."

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