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Dog shot, stabbed, left to die; slowly but surely recovering

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A dog shot, stabbed and left to die on a Clayton County road is getting a second chance at a good life.

It's been tough for Bruno, the 4-year old English Bulldog mix, since someone shot him with a 9-millimeter gun and then dragged a knife through him before leaving him to die on the side of the road six weeks ago.

Vets said Bruno was likely used for fighting, his ear ripped off, head and legs bitten dozens of times.

Susan Laskey's rescue group, Laskey's Lucky Ones and Volunteers, took Bruno in after someone delivered him to Clayton County's Animal Shelter.

"It always amazes me how resilient dogs are," Laskey told CBS46. "He was marked to be euthanized the next day. He just melted our hearts. And he was so sweet we just knew we could find a happy ending for him."

Laskey pointed out dogs like Bruno who are mistreated and injured are not throwaways. She said they can be rehabilitated. But it takes money, which volunteers stepped up for with Bruno's surgery and care. And it takes time, love and patience.

Bruno is sweet and submissive, Laskey explained. But he has trust and attachment issues.

Volunteer trainers with Frogs to Dogs Training took several dogs to meet Bruno in Decatur for the first time Saturday to help socialize him.

"The thing is Bruno never reacted to the dogs, if they came up to him, if they walked around, if they shared the water bowl," trainer Gina Fisher explained. "And most of us would look at that as, ‘That's great. He's not reactive.' What our concern is, why are you not even paying attention to the dogs?"

So they'll keep working with Bruno to get him past all the trauma he survived.

"They maintain their spirit," said Laskey, who's seen hundreds of cases like Bruno's. "They're just looking for someone to love on them and give them a different life."

Bruno will socialize some more before he's physically and emotionally ready for his forever home. Keep up with his progress here.

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