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12 pound baby delivered at Candler

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It's one of those unforgettable moments when you snap that first photo of your newborn baby.

But it became an oh my moment for one Savannah couple who welcomed a whopper of a baby into the world on Monday.

"I just kept growing and growing," laughed mother Maydee Salguero.

Salguero laughs off her son, Nikko's, weight. Big babies are nothing new to her as Nikko is her second larger-than-average child.

"I do have a daughter, and she was a big baby, but not this, 11 pounds," she said.  

Nikko weighed in at 11 pounds, eight ounces to be exact. Salguero said she wanted to deliver naturally and carried Nikko just shy of full term, but in the end, it was dad and doctor who said "don't be a hero, schedule a c-section."

"Last week he was so big," said father Larrick Mekill Johnson. "I didn't want to chance anything, so I was more for it than she was, so I was egging her on, let's do the surgery."

Not only would it have been rough on mom, a neonatal nurse practitioner said Mikko could have been injured during a natural delivery as well since an average baby only weighs seven and a half pounds.

"The baby could get stuck possibly, and there could be complications, something called shoulder dystocia, where the shoulder may have problems coming out, sometimes caused fractured clavicles trying to get the baby out," said neonatal nurse practitioner Jenny Griffith.

Still, Salguero kept her cool right up until the end, telling dad not to worry.

"I woke up and said what's not going on, and she said ‘I think my water broke!', and so I was like ‘oh, it's go time', but she said ‘no, no, let's take our time', and I'm like ‘are you sure?' and she said ‘yeah,'" said Johnson.

Alguero said Johnson may be big, but Nikko got his large genes from her side of the family.

"Actually, I was 10 and a half pounds when I was born," she said. "My brothers, one was 12 and a half pounds, and another was nine and a half pounds."

An now, with a newborn the size of a normal one month old, they have high hopes for Nikko.

"Running back, running back," they said. "No linebacker, offense all day long."

Nikko was measured at 22 and a quarter inches long.

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