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Arizona MVD issues cards with wrong pictures

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Arizona MVD issues driving permits with wrong pictures. (Source: CBS 5 News) Arizona MVD issues driving permits with wrong pictures. (Source: CBS 5 News)

Last week, Jennifer Lohss renewed her identification card and driver's permit at the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division office near 51st Avenue and Indian School Road.

On the temporary copy, everything was correct.

But when the permanent cards arrived in the mail, there was an obvious error.

"All of my information was correct. There was just somebody else's picture and somebody else's signature," said Lohss.

Lohss' number one concern: her personal information getting into the wrong hands.

CBS 5 News took the issue to the top of MVD.

Director Stacey Stanton said that the issue first came to her attention Tuesday morning and the IT team began investigating right away.

So far, she said eight cases have been reported.

Stanton added the MVD just transitioned to a new centralized system last week.

The agency is now issuing new, enhanced-security ID cards, drivers licenses and permits.

Customers receive a temporary form in person and the permanent card is mailed to them directly.

"I think it's both learning curve and perhaps some programming," Stanton said of the card errors. "So, we're looking at both of those."

Stanton said the affected credentials were processed at several MVD locations and produced by its vendor MorphoTrust in California.

But, she said it was a glitch in the new MVD system that allowed the wrong pictures and signatures to be attached to bar codes on applications.

"We're confident that we are making the correct changes and we're going to be issuing the proper credentials," said Stanton.

But some customers worry the new process of receiving their credentials by mail, instead of at the MVD, puts them at risk.

"It's scary because somebody else could use your identity," said David Portao.

Others questioned the need for a new system.

"I don't understand, what was wrong with us getting the permanent one from the get go?" asked Priscilla Rodriquez.

Stanton said the MVD doesn't have the capability to produce the high-tech cards in-house and she doesn't believe anyone's security has been breached.

"The individuals who received the wrong photo and the wrong signature - the information they received was still theirs," she explained. "It was mailed to their address. So, none of their personally identifying information has been compromised."

If you have an error on your driver's license or identification card, contact the MVD immediately so that the problem can be fixed.

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