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Supreme Court makes major decision effecting Obamacare and birth control

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David and Barbara Green won a victory in court Monday. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Hobby Lobby, the company the Greens founded, does not have to provide health insurance that covers birth control as required by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

"We are truly thankful for the decision that allows us to continue to operate our family business according to our principals," said Barbara Green.

The Greens maintain adhering to the Obamacare requirement would force them to compromise their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court's ruled the law's provision is unreasonable.

"It is a very big decision. People have been waiting to hear what the Supreme Court was going to say on this case for a while," said Amy Weil, with The Weil Firm. 

Weil said the Supreme Court had a difficult job.

"Religious group felt like they were being forced to provide contraception that went against their religious beliefs and the Supreme Court had to balance that. The members of the Supreme Court wanted to make sure that women were protected and that church groups and other groups and the government will provide contraception so they will not be going without," Weil said.

Weil said the decision only impacts companies owned by a small group of people and not large corporations.

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