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Brookhaven police see positive signs in higher-than-expected call volume

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Nearly one year after the Brookhaven police department took over for DeKalb County police, some of the call volume stats for crimes such as car and home break-ins have surpassed what department leaders were expecting.

"It has been a lot. A little more than we anticipated," said Maj. Brandon Gurley.

However, he said that's to be partially expected. Prior to July of 2013, Brookhaven residents were covered by DeKalb County police, who often were spread thin by virtue of having to cover all unincorporated parts of the county.

Now, with a local police department based closer to home, Brookhaven residents are making use of the added resources whenever crimes happen, said Gurley.

"We're getting called to a lot of things that people in this area did not call police for, before we existed," he said. "Crime, we don't believe is up. The same amount of crime that was here, no matter how big or small, is still here. What is up, is calls for service."

He said they've been able to respond to calls in a timely manner, but are hoping to take a step into more preventative policing, perhaps adding specialized units to focus on specific facets of crime.

"It's one thing to keep up and respond to crime taking place in our area," said Gurley. "It's another thing to get out there and be proactive, and prevent it from taking place."

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