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Tucson streetcar gets first “test” passengers

Tucson streetcar gets first 'test' passengers

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The officials launch of the Tucson Modern Streetcar is about two weeks away at stops around 4th Avenue and downtown Tucson, but on Wednesday, some city of Tucson workers tested out the streetcar to make sure it’s ready to go.

Tucson Modern Streetcar Project Manager Shellie Ginn said the testing is giving operators the opportunity to prepare for passenger flow hopping on and off at stops.

Additionally, the 180 test riders were given test "Go Cards," which can be used to pay for fare. Streetcar workers are checking to see that the system is working properly when the cards are tapped onboard.

Some testers reported a few of the machines did not read their cards properly. However, city of Tucson officials said some cards were created not to work on purpose to make sure the system is working properly and catches those errors.

Keeping the streetcar on schedule is one of the other issues workers are looking at during this phase of testing, according to Ginn.

“The scheduling has been [going] very well during the simulation.” Ginn said. “Today we did have some shifting of vehicles because of trying to make sure our validators were working. So it wasn’t as controlled of a simulation as running every 10 minutes as we normally will have, but that’s why we do testing.  [We're] trying to make sure we’re working out all the bugs in order to prepare for actual operations when we have real passengers on board.”

The Tucson Modern Streetcar is scheduled to begin operating July 25.

It will cost $4 for a one-day pass to ride.

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