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Governor considers supporting possible medical marijuana bill

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For Blaine Cloud's daughter Alaina last weekend's seizure could've been her last.

"She had a seizure in the pool. I had to pull her out when she was face down," Cloud said.

The 8-year-old girl lives with a rare form of epilepsy that plagues her with, sometimes, dangerous seizures.

Cloud and his wife Shannon believe medical marijuana could reduce their daughter's suffering.

On the last day of this year's legislative session, however, in-fighting among lawmakers killed legislation that would have legalized the drug for kids who suffer with seizures.

"It's very frustrating," Blaine Cloud said.

Gov. Nathan Deal last spring approved clinical tests on medical marijuana.

The governor this week said he may consider supporting a new proposal to legalize the drug.

"I am certainly willing to talk to Representative (Allen) Peake and any of the others at the legislative level or anyone interested in asking for a legislative solution," Deal said.

Deal said he is open to working with Peake, who spearheaded the ill-fated bill. The governor just does not want that to interfere with clinical trials.

"I don't want us to see by legislative action, us putting something in place that would be detrimental to the process we already started," Deal said.

"There's no reason why it should interfere," said Shannon Cloud, who added that legislation and the trials should be able to progress at the same time.

"The clinical trials are something completely different," Shannon Cloud said.

The Clouds are cautiously optimistic.

"I'm comfortable as long as he stays true to his word and we actually get legislation next year," Blaine Cloud said.

Georgia Regents University, which is administering the trials, has not set a definite date on when those tests would begin.

The spokesman said the state has to make sure the trials do not violate federal drug laws.

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