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DeKalb County officer admits having sex on the job with several women

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Jeremy Reynolds Jeremy Reynolds

Former DeKalb County Police Officer Jeremy Reynolds, 28, admitted to having sex with his then girlfriend, a woman he met in an online chat room, and at least one other when he took the witness stand in his own defense Wednesday.

Reynolds also made that admission in Jan. 2010 when detectives taped an interview with him.

Reynolds' attorney, Jackie Patterson, did not want jurors to hear his taped interview with detectives after two women accused him of threatening to take them to jail unless they performed sex acts.

When detectives initially interviewed Reynolds in January 2010, he denied threatening a known prostitute, who was on drugs, to give him oral sex or he would take her to jail. Reynolds said he gave in after being grilled for two hours.

"Now, I vaguely remember," said Reynolds.

"Now you remember? So she gave you [oral sex]? Did you have sex with her?" asked a detective.

"No, no vaginal sex just oral," replied Reynolds.

On the tape Reynolds denied at first, but also eventually admitted to asking a 20-year old woman he stopped and arrested for speeding to show him her breasts.

"She's cute, you asked her to show you her t***** didn't you," the detective asked. "Yes sir, but it wasn't like I was going to let her go," said Reynolds.

"You just asked her to show you her t***** and you thought she was going to do it, correct?" said the detective.

"Yes sir," answered Reynolds.

Reynolds told jurors he made those confessions just to end the questioning.

"I was tired of getting yelled at, I was tired. I wanted to tell them pretty much anything they wanted to hear," said Reynolds.

Reynolds denies asking the 20-year old to show him her breasts and he says the oral sex with the other woman was consensual.

"I just basically thought to myself, what a stupid thing it was. As you can tell I don't have words for it right now. It was just a stupid decision I made," said Reynolds.

After closing arguments, the judge gave jurors their instructions and then sent them home for the day.

They will begin deliberations Thursday morning.

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