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State Superintendent grants waiver to schools from new federal snack guideline

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State Superintendent John Barge and State Board of Education Chair Helen Rice granted some leeway for schools Friday in response to the new federal snacks at schools guideline prohibiting the sale of many popular foods.

"These new federal guidelines limiting food and beverage fundraisers are an absolute overreach of the federal government," said Barge and Rice in a joint statement. "We have faith in our local schools to make good decisions on behalf of children. That is why we have initiated this rule that gives schools the maximum flexibility in determining how many food and beverage fund raisers they choose to hold."

Many schools hold fundraisers during school hours, selling fast foods and snack foods that do not fall within the health requirements of the new federal mandate.

"By enacting these requirements and limiting and almost reducing what they can sell, it's going to basically depth-charge these activities as fundraising events for these organizations at our schools," said Tom Cheater, a member of the Marietta school board.

Under the state-wide waiver, schools will be allowed up to 30 fundraiser's per year where they can sell any food they wish.

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