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Stone Mountain Park murder case still unsolved after 9 years; family seeks closure

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The family of Anita Redmon, a retired Doraville Police officer who was shot and killed working part time at Stone Mountain Park in 2005, continues to seek justice and closure.

Anger, pain, disbelief and emptiness are just some of the words Redmon's eldest daughter MeLinda Duncan uses to describe the range of emotions she and her family have gone through.

To this day, Duncan thinks about her mother and all of the changes she has missed.

"The biggest thing, I got to be a grandma," said Duncan. "I have a 19 month old granddaughter named Eleanor, and my mother would have adored her."

Redmon was killed on July 16, 2005, when someone apparently tried to rob her while she worked the admissions gate at the west end of Stone Mountain Park.

According to investigators, Redmon was on the phone with the park police dispatcher when she was shot. The dispatcher heard Redmon use the police code to alert for an armed robbery, a gunshot, then silence. The thief didn't take a dime from the till.

"I'm so angry that someone would come up with this idea, and they didn't take any money," said Duncan.

From the beginning the Georgia Bureau of Investigations has worked Redmon's case. They've compiled mountains of documents as they searched for leads.

So far they have not been able to come up with enough evidence to charge, let alone convict anyone of the murder.

They do have a nameless person of interest to whom they would like to talk. His sketch can be found on their website.

The case remains open. Every so often, a new agent is assigned to look at the evidence and see if they can come up with something others have missed, or implement a new technique that would crack the case, according to Duncan.

"They try to do what they can do, but I don't know exactly what they are doing anymore," said Duncan.

It has been a year since she and her family have heard from the GBI, and they assume no progress has been made.

Recently, a television program specializing in solving cold cases has shown interest in taking up Redmon's case, and it has added an emotion the family has not felt in a long time.

"That is the first sign of hope we've had in years, and I am desperate to let these people come in and do it," said Duncan.

No matter how desperate Duncan is to see the case solved, turning it over to a television program is not that easy.

With her mother's case still officially open, the family has to wait for the GBI to play ball with the program's producers, and working out a deal will take time, time that keeps ticking away.

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