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Georgia Bureau of Investigations: Anita Redmon cold case murder is still open

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The cold case murder of Anita Redmon is once again getting attention. It's been nine years since her death, and the investigation into her case is still underway.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, all leads in the case have been exhausted, but that doesn't mean it's closed.

As with all unsolved murders, Redmon's case remains open. According to the Director of Public Affairs for the GBI, Sherry Lang, all murder cases are important but this one in particular has special meaning for the agency.  

"There are agents who think about this case every day, because they worked it from the beginning and it still bothers them that this case is unsolved," Lang said.

The GBI has been investigating the case from the start, and at first the level of resources they could commit to it was significant.

"At the time we had over 20 agents working the case. [They] worked it hard for over three weeks, and since those three weeks were up, there have been other leads that have come in that we have continued to investigate," Lang said.

All of those leads have dried up. With no new information coming in, the resources have been shifted to other cases. But Redmon has never been forgotten, and every time some new piece of information; a new investigative technique; or scientific process for examining evidence is developed, the case gets another look.

Last week, the GBI received a request to look at it again. Lang says, they plan to assign a seasoned homicide agent to the case full time, along with another agent, to make sure that previous investigators have done everything possible to solve the case.

A potentially critical piece of the puzzle is a man investigators want to talk to. They only have a sketch of the man, but say he may have seen or heard something while he was in the area that night. The sketch can be found on their website.

Meanwhile, Redmon's eldest daughter MeLinda Duncan is desperate to solve the case and get closure.

According to Duncan Cold Justice, a television program on the cable channel TNT, has shown interest in taking a look at her mother's case. Duncan is ready to let them, but the decision isn't hers.

They would have to get access to the GBI investigation and that will be tricky.

"It is the GBI's policy that we do not release open case files to anyone," Lang said.

Still, Duncan is hoping things change.

"They're supposed to meet some people and see what they can do," Duncan said.

If an agreement is met, it would have to be carefully constructed in a way that does not set a precedent that would force them to share information on all their open cases with the public.

While the injection of expertise could jar something loose in the Redmon case, the potential risk to the rest of the GBI's cases makes the opportunity highly prohibitive.

And ultimately, the agents of the GBI are highly trained professionals.

"We have complete confidence in our agents to investigate these kinds of cases, and we will do the investigations in-house," Lang said.

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