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Clayton County shelter euthanizes 22 dogs and a cat

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The director of the Clayton County animal shelter confirmed 22 dogs and one cat were euthanized on Thursday due to a lack of space at the facility.

"It's a lot of progress, a lot of work, a lot of research," said Captain Andre Jackson, director of the shelter. "We're still leaning towards a no kill, low kill shelter."

On Friday, several different rescue groups moved animals out of the shelter, hoping to find them good homes.

"They were very desperate if they called me, because it's the first time I've been called," said Jama Hedgecoth of Noah's Ark. "I'm going to go in and see which ones I can help. I can put a little dent in it and that's what I'm here to see what I can do today."

County leaders said they are working hard to adopt animals out so they do not have to be euthanized.

"I don't think anyone in this county government wants to see animals put down for space or any other reason, but sometimes you have to put an animal down," said County Commission Chairman Jeff Turner.

Turner said a report released Friday indicates a site on Anvilblock Road in Ellenwood is the best location to build a new shelter.

"Until that shelter is built, we need a little patience," said Turner. "We need some help. We need those rescue groups to step up and help us out."

A pit bull mix that had just had puppies was among the animals rescued on Friday.

"Animals are very unfortunate to be here, and I will do my best to get them out," said Sara Drum of Safe Harbor Animal Rescue. "This shelter has worked very hard with me."

The shelter director said there were no plans to euthanize any other animals in the days ahead.

"We're being as transparent as much as possible, 100 percent," said Jackson.

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