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Delta pilot's rant against air traffic controller caught on tape

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For the second time in weeks, a questionable exchange between a Delta Airlines pilot and an air traffic controller is being investigated.

The Delta pilot snapped at the controller as the controller guided the plane to the correct taxiway at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the country.

The plane was supposed to go down a taxiway called "Mike," but it was on the wrong one, called "Lima." Here's what followed, as the pilot's entire rant was recorded on tape:

CONTROLLER: "Looks like you joined Lima."

DELTA PILOT: "Hey, you know what, we'll taxi out there any way we want unless you tell us to; I don't like your attitude."

CONTROLLER: "I don't have an attitude, sir. I'm just saying it looks like you joined Lima instead of Mike and I'm just trying to correct you before you stay on Lima."

DELTA PILOT: "Like oh my God, there's another plane out there, like 6 miles away. Your attitude is really something, sir. We're out here on Mike. Good morning."

CONTROLLER: "Good morning. There was no attitude. I was just trying to correct you. That's my job to correct you if you mess up, and make sure everybody's doing what I ask them to do for certain reasons."

DELTA PILOT: "All right, I make a mistake every two to three minutes but my attitude is not like yours. We're out on Mike and you didn't tell us how to get there, so next time you can try doing that."

Another pilot on the same frequency heard the exchange and quickly jumped in, telling the Delta pilot to "settle down, Captain Happy."

The FAA told CBS46 reporter Donna Rapado the audio recording is authentic and accurate.

Delta released a statement saying, "while customer safety and service were never in question, we are looking further into this exchange. Delta's values call for courtesy and professionalism in everything we do."

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