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Rescue groups: Clayton County put down dogs slated for adoption

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A Clayton County rescue group said that seven dogs slated for adoption were put to sleep last week, despite their plans to rescue the animals.

"I'm shocked," said Amy Adams of Partners for Pets. "I mean, why would you put animals down that had rescue? I don't understand."

The shelter director confirmed 22 dogs and a cat were euthanized last Thursday. He said he was not informed rescue groups planned to save seven of them.

"They need to contact us way beforehand in order to get these animals out of here, and we will provide the appropriate information for them to be removed," said Capt. Andre Jackson, the shelter director.

Partners for Pets had posted pictures of the animals it planned to rescue on its website.

"I can understand sometimes you have to put down an aggressive dog," said Maria Dorough. "But these dogs were not aggressive. They had a place to go and there was no warning."

The liaison with rescue groups, Diana Moore, resigned on Monday. She confirmed several animals slated for rescue were put down and told CBS46 News the shelter was restricting her time at the shelter.

"She was just frustrated," said Lisa Fleming of Courtney's Canines. "We're all frustrated. The animals can't talk so we have to speak for them."

Jackson said the shelter continues to work to become a no-kill facility.

"It's a work in progress. That's all we can say right now," said Jackson. "It's a work in progress. We're doing all of our research, and we're partnering with everybody we can think of that's going to assist us in this matter."

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