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DeKalb County police officer resigns after shooting dog

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Doctor | Source: Facebook Doctor | Source: Facebook

A DeKalb County police officer has resigned after shooting a dog when he responded to a burglary alarm.

On July 24, a DeKalb County police officer was dispatched to a home on Mary Lou Lane in response to a burglary alarm.

Officer David Pitts encountered the dog, Doctor, and shot him in the throat.

The police report said Pitts walked up to the front door to check for any signs of entry and it was locked.

Pitts then proceeded to walk to the other side of the home to check and suddenly he was approached by a large aggressive dog.

Pitts said Doctor ran towards his direction in an aggressive manner, showing teeth and growling at him.

Pitts said he felt in fear of his life and fired his gun twice at Doctor to stop the threat.

Doctor was not on a leash and he was let out by his owner, Timothy Theall, who was walking him around the house.

According to the family, the officer wouldn't allow them to drive Doctor to the vet.

"He even followed us in the police car and blocked us from leaving our neighborhood. He said we couldn't leave due to procedure," said Doctor's owners on GoFundMe.

The narrative on the fundraising page also said that animal control was called to "pick up a dead dog."

"We do not have a policy that addresses how to treat an animal. It's very simple. If we have a human being that's shot by a police officer, the scene is secured, EMS comes in and treats the patient. Unfortunately, there is no services like that that comes and treats animals," said Interim DeKalb County Police Chief Jim Conroy.

Doctor survived his injuries, but has extensive medical bills. More than $12,000 has already been raised to pay for Doctor's care.

Pitts, a member of the department for nearly seven years, resigned; however, the investigation into the incident continues.

The investigation will examine the actions of Ofc. Pitts leading up to the incident as well as the conduct of all responding personnel following the shooting, according to police.

"Once the investigation is complete, the department will determine if any corrective action is warranted. This is an unfortunate incident, one in which we will learn from. The department is in the process of developing protocols that will address procedures for providing medical treatment to an injured animal associated with future police investigations," DeKalb County police said in a statement that appeared on their Facebook page.

Conroy said the department has already started reaching out to other agencies that do train their officers in encountering dogs so DeKalb County can create a plan and training of its own.

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