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What not to say to your auto insurer

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A car accident may leave you frazzled; but it shouldn't leave you spilling at the mouth. Saying the wrong words could interfere with your otherwise legitimate claim. Insure.com says do not say...

  • "I'm sorry." At that point, you're admitting fault or taking blame, even if you didn't cause the wreck.
  • "Whiplash." If you think you have an injury, go to the doctor and get it on paper. And always speak to your insurer before the other party's.
  • "We're fine." Just stop trying to self diagnose. This is another time you need it on paper. Go to the doctor and get your injury status confirmed--fine or not--then hand over the info to your insurance company.     
  • "Coincidence." You parked on a hill and say you coincidentally forgot to put it in park so it rolled back and crashed. Don't say that. At all. There's a good chance your insurer will think it was done purposely.   
  • "Intentional." Our policy will not cover you crashing your car while speeding down roads in the rain. You'll also not be covered if you had to break your window to get your keys you locked inside.

Other words not to say: customized, breakdown, ride-share, off-premises

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