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ASU professor gets 9 months probation for resisting arrest

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The ASU professor, whose confrontation with a campus police officer made national news, learned her fate today.

Ersula Ore was sentenced to nine months supervised probation after pleading guilty to resisting arrest.

The English professor was involved in an altercation with ASU police officer Stewart Ferrin on May 20.

The incident was recorded on the officer's dashboard camera.

The video that went viral over the internet.

It showed Ore arguing with Ferrin near campus.

Ore had been stopped for jaywalking and the officer asked for ID.

Ore refused - then fought with officer Ferrin - as she was taken into custody.

On Friday, Ore made her way into Superior Court to learn her fate, after pleading guilty to resisting arrest.

The ASU professor was emotional as she addressed the court.

"I am hurt. I am upset. I am angry. I feel dirty. I feel violated and humiliated," Ore told the judge. "I know now that my mistake was questioning the arrest. If I didn't question it, maybe this wouldn't have happened."

Ore had originally argued that she was racially profiled and wrongfully arrested.

Her attorney, Alane Roby, told reporters outside the courthouse that the officer involved needs to share responsibility for what happened.

"In no way do we condone any type of abusive officers, or any actions that include resisting a lawful arrest, but what doctor Ore pled to today amounted to a protest," said Roby. "First and foremost I think we really need to consider that there should be more accountability on both sides."

ASU police have said that an initial review of the incident showed they do not believe officer Ferrin racially profiled the professor or used excessive force.

Ferrin had been placed on administrative leave.

The ASU police department has asked for an outside review of the incident.

CBS5 has asked ASU PD to provide Officer Ferrin's personnel file, to see if he has any history of complaints or similar incidents.

The information has not yet been provided.

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