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Emory University psychologist asks for your help by taking survey

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Do you like wild un-inhibited parties?

Or maybe you're the adventurous eater type?

In answering these questions, you could help a psychologist at Emory University and become part of his research.

Basically, Dr. Ken Carter wants to know what makes a person a thrill seeker or not?

Click here to take the survey.

Carter told CBS46, "there are two things I'm looking for in the surveys."

"A pattern of sensation seeking by region or by country, but I'm also looking for individual stories that people may have."

Sure, some things in his 40-question survey are what you'd expect, including "would you like to learn to fly a plane?" or "learn to water ski?"

But other questions are bizarre. Some ask whether or not you date people who are physically exciting or people who share your values?

Another asks if you dislike all body odors or like some earthy smells? Yes, that's an actual choice to make in his survey.

Carter is sending the survey worldwide and actually wants to write a book once all the data is compiled and interpreted.

He said "there are two groups I'm hoping to help with this research. I'm hoping to help people understand themselves and their friends in terms of sensation seeking and I'm also hoping to help clinicians too, who may have clients who they think may have bipolar disorder or let's say ADHD, but what it really might be is a high sensation seeking personality."

Click here to take the survey.

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