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Protect personal data in car

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Your personal data is with you wherever you go. From your smartphone to your computer and car. And cars are connected, thanks to telematics systems, bluetooth, and navigation. And to be able to use those, you basically end up having to input some of your personal information.

But even something as simple as that connection can make your data vulnerable. To protect yourself, Consumer Reports says...

  • Read the privacy policy, which many of you do not do. Buy you need to pay attention to the practices before you order any in-car service.
  • Turn off your phone's bluetooth whenever you leave your car. Otherwise, if you're nearby, your car system will pick up on your phone and valet or a mechanic--or anyone else with access to your car--can retrieve your personal information.
  • If you are going to sell your car, wipe out all the data by going to settings so it does not save any of the location information.
  • Another thing you need to do before selling--or if you just do not want to use the telematics system any longer--call the company. Find out what happens after you opt out as well as what is done with the data that was collected.