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Richmond police investigate hotel homicide

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Ronald Nines has lived at the Richmond Inn for five years. He says he did not hear the shooting last night, but it's what everyone is talking about.

"It's a shame that they come out here. You can't even talk to nobody. They gotta pull a gun out and shoot somebody," Nines said.

Police say they got the call just after 11:30 p.m. Saturday. When they arrived, the victim had already died.

According to a hotel employee, there are armed security guards at the hotel and surveillance cameras. He says most of the people at the Richmond Inn are longtime residents. He says it doesn't appear the at this time that the victim has any connection to the hotel.

Nines says he hopes a suspect is caught soon.

"All the rooms are full. Somebody bound to have heard something. It was a gunshot. If you blow the horn around here, everyone opens the door, so somebody bound to seen something," Nines said.

He says he feels somewhat safe at the hotel but sticks to one pretty strict rule.

"Don't butt into somebody else's business. If you got a problem call the office or call the police, but don't butt into somebody else's business," he said.

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