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Items in backpacks that reveal too much

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With kids kicking off a new school year, there is a good chance their backpacks are full. But what is inside those backpacks can actually be dangerous. And I am not talking about sharp pencils, though they could put an eye out. I am talking about items that give someone else access to a lot of important personal information. says they can even reveal where you live.

  • Smartphone. There are so many revealing bits of information within a phone, like contacts. Even the notes section could contain usernames and passwords. And of course, pictures and access to apps.
  • Laptop or tablet. This is similar to a phone but it can be a straight shot into email accounts, your email contacts, birthdays, addresses. If your child uses your Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes accounts, someone else can use your account to order things.
  • Keys and ID tags. If they are on a carabiner hanging on the outside of the bag. That obviously can give someone entry to your home. There are even apps that allow someone to copy exactly how a key looks.
  • Gaming systems. This is similar to phones and laptops with everything that can be revealed.
  • Teach your children how to create strong passwords. They should also log out after using any sites, accounts, and social media network.


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