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Atlanta teen's ride to the Olympics

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Miguel Wilson Jr. is one incredible 15-year-old who is dedicated and determined to do something in the Olympics that most kids his age probably haven't considered.

"To be the first African-American to ride in the Olympics," said Miguel.

Miguel started riding horses when he was 8 years old.

"My dad rode as a kid and I found his boots in the garage," said Miguel. "I asked him if I can ride. He then took me to a barn for lessons and from there it was history."

Since then Miguel has dedicated himself to a sport which, through the years, has seen very few African-American participants and so far no African-American medalists.

Miguel's dad is proud to see his son work hard for something.

"At the Olympic level we have not had representation in 114 years, so it's pretty much uncharted territory. I think it's a phenomenal ambition and goal and I think he will achieve it," said Miguel Wilson Sr.

Miguel placed third place out of 40 students in an event in Kentucky last month.

"I've never had a horse of my own. This sport is really expensive but I've never really had the amount of funding that some kids have," said Miguel. "I've had to work and basically have people give me their horses to ride, which is very generous of them."

And to spread the generosity, Miguel started a foundation called Ride to the Olympics.

"I basically want to help kids like me who don't have a lot of money. I want them to be introduced to horses because I know how much horses have influenced me and my life," said Miguel.

You can help Miguel's ride to the Olympics by donating to this foundation.

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