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Candlelight vigil in support of Clayton County animals

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People were willing to brave Tuesday night's stormy weather to hold a vigil in support of animals inside the Clayton County Animal Center. There was prayer, a poem read and then a march to the animal center.

"We are here to rescue the animals," Rhonda Wells said. "We are trying to give them a home. We don't make no money rescuing them animals. That's god's creatures."

They claim the shelter is trying to illegally have employees put dogs down.

"They voted to have their staff kill the animals instead of having a vet tech kill it," Kimberly Kirby said. "They want to have a vet tech oversee it, but they want their staff to kill the animals."

These animal supporters plan to speak at Wednesday's commissioners meeting and continue their fight for the animals.

"There is something you can do to go to the county or the state level, if I'm not mistaken, and if you can get so many signatures in a certain amount of time you can turn that around," Kirby said.

The group did not say when they plan to start collecting signatures.

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