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After moving west for medical cannabis mom and daughter come home

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Corey Lowe had no idea when she'd be able to bake cookies again with her sons Joseph and Jaden.

Lowe last June had to leave behind the boys and her husband Jason in Canton as she embarked on a quest for medicine she believed could save her daughter Victoria's life.

"The hardest part was being away from my two boys, that was the worst part," Lowe said.

Victoria lives with life-threatening seizures that have left her developmentally delayed. Lowe believed medical cannabis, more commonly known as medical marijuana, could help. So Lowe and Victoria moved to Colorado where the drug is legal. Lowe said it was worth the trip.

"It was definitely a sacrifice but it was worth it," Lowe said.

Before medical marijuana treatments, Victoria could suffer as many as 15 seizures every 30 minutes. Once she began treatments, the seizures dropped to 15 in two months.

"It decreased her seizures by 80 percent," Lowe said.

Splitting up the family, however, took its toll. The stress of being half a country apart was too great.

"You're in two different time zones. It's unbelievable how much you miss your kids," Lowe said.

Victoria needed medical marijuana, but she also needed to get back to school in Georgia and the boys needed their mom.

"I wanted to get back to my family," Lowe said.

Lowe packed their bags and made the journey back home. Lowe said the absence made her family's hearts grow fonder.

"I think it brought us closer together, it made us have a deeper appreciation for each other," Lowe said.

Lowe said she will be one of the parents who will testify at a special hearing on medical cannabis on Aug. 27 at the State Capitol.

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