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Police captain explains when Georgia officers should use deadly force

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Following the deadly officer-involved shooting of a teen in Ferguson, MO, questions have risen when it comes to how police officers in Georgia train for the use of deadly force.

"The time to make that decision to whether you use deadly force can be a fraction of a second," said Captain Mark Camp with the Cartersville Police Department and a firearms instructor.

Camp shot and wounded a suspect in 2007 when the man turned a stun gun on Camp.

In Georgia, every officer each year must complete training for the use of deadly force and firearms.

Before an officer fires his gun on a suspect, Camp said the officer must determine if the suspect is able and has the opportunity to harm the officer, as well as if the officer feels his life is in jeopardy.

"The fact that someone has a weapon doesn't necessarily mean you can use deadly force. There has to be those other elements in there as well," Camp explained.

He added an officer's goal is never to kill, rather to stop the aggression.

However, that sometimes can lead to a deadly shooting.

When that happens, there will be both an internal investigation and one by the GBI. The evidence is eventually turned over to the District Attorney, who will determine if criminal charges should be filed.

In Camp's case, it was determined he acted properly.

Camp encourages the public to never rush to judgment when it comes to an officer-involved shooting.

"We need to wait for all of the facts to come out," he said.

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