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On Your Side Alert: Latest email schemes

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Cyber crime experts say watch out for fake emails about the Ebola outbreak.

One email arriving in inboxes lately contains a false report about the virus. If you open it and click a link to read more information, it will infect your computer. In the second version, the email claims to be from a major news provider. This one has an attachment that will install malware that can allow criminals to track everything you type.

Never trust unsolicited emails. You can report suspicious emails to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. 

If you are looking for a loan, don't be tempted by an offer claiming could get your hands on millions of dollars to pay off debt or set up a business. The senders want you to give up a ton of personal information. Of course, this could lead to a world of trouble. Don't reply -- just hit delete.

If you are looking for a loan, contact your bank or search the Better Business Bureau's website for a reputable company. 

With the recent death of actor Robin Williams, the BBB says be on the look out for scams associated with his death. The deception can come in many forms, like fake emails or bogus social media posts. Crooks will try to get you to click a link or share a malicious post.

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