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Intruder shot by 73-year-old woman he tried to rob in her home

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Jaime Lewis Jaime Lewis

Gwinnett County police said an elderly woman shot a robber who forced his way into her Lilburn home this month.

Police said Hilda Douglas, 73, heard the doorbell ring then the sound of glass shattering.  She locked herself in the bedroom and grabbed her gun.

Police said the intruder came to the bedroom and Douglas fired through the door. She then fired off several more rounds.

On the 911 tape, Douglas is heard saying: "Get out now while you're still alive. Go. Get out, get out now. Get out." Several shots are then heard.

"Everybody has a right to defend themselves from imminent physical harm or death," said Corporal Ed Ritter. "This lady believed that was what was going to happen to her and she acted appropriately. She hit the suspect and he fled from the house after that." 

The suspect, Jaime Lewis, was caught after he went to a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to his upper chest.

"She did everything appropriately," said Ritter. "She contacted 911. She was informing them of what was happening in her home and  that she was in fear for her life."

Douglas was treated at a local hospital after suffering chest pains. A friend told CBS46 News she is still shaken by the ordeal.

Lewis posted bond and faces robbery charges.

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