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Camera catches the face of a thief as he steals hair worth more than $6,000

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A ringing phone woke Morgan Wright, owner of Naturally Beauty Supply, early Saturday morning. The alarm company she uses at her store was calling to inform her the alarm on her store's front door had been tripped.

Because she lives in the neighborhood, it only took her a few minutes to get to the shop. By then, it was too late. The thieves were gone, along with more than $6,000 in hair extensions.

"I have worked so hard," said Wright. "I was like, ‘Why me? Why take from me?'"

The answer may be as simple as because they could. Security camera video shows the thieves appear to go right to the section with the most expensive products.

"They knew what they were coming in here for," said Wright.

A quick glance at a mostly empty section of her wall told Wright all she needed to know. Almost all of her high-end weaves were stolen. Packages ranged in price from $80 to $300 each.

The only saving grace is her security cameras caught the thieves in the act. One of them slips into the light just long enough to get a clear shot of his face.

Wright is offering a hefty reward for his arrest and conviction.

Meanwhile, Wright says the theft is already hitting her bottom line hard.

"I have lost so much business today because they are coming in wanting this hair and I don't have it to sell," said Wright.

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