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Disabled man competes against all odds

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It's an amazing story of inspiration. One man's journey against all odds.

Thirty-eight-year-old Michael Mills is a paraplegic. He was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 16 and before that he was faced with this.

"I can't see words, I can't see letters and I can't see anything. Everything is a blur," Mills said.

Mills said he's been legally blind his entire life.

But now he has his sights set on correcting his poor eyesight.

"In Michael's case they're really bad. He's about a minus-17 diopters and there's maybe about one tenth of one percent of all the nearsighted people that are that bad. So for him this is going to be a life-changing event," Dr. Trevor Woodhams said.

Mills underwent an ICL procedure where implantable contact lenses were placed behind the pupils in his eyes giving him near perfect vision.

"Every time I've done an event, I've always had to stop and fix an eye or even take a contact out," Mills said.

His newfound eyesight has given him the ability to overcome one of life's obstacles and take on another.

Mills not only competed in this year's Udder Mud Run in Covington, his team of family and friends helped him conquer the course.

"The coolest thing to this day is we all crawl as a team. I can't walk, but these guys and girls are on their hands and knees with me," Mills said.

Mills was able to crawl to the finish line by swinging his hips forcing his legs to move. He was given the inspiration award.

"In obstacle-course racing, life is a lot like it. There's always things that are going to get in your way, there's always things that are going to try to stop you, but when you've got a great support system like my wife, my friends and my family anything can be done," Mills said. "We're all family and they're deserving of this too because without them I'm nothing."

Mills still has big dreams. He hopes one day to climb the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs, just like Rocky did in the movie. The only problem, he's unable to afford the trip right now. So his friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help him raise $2,000 and accomplish his goals against all odds.

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