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Woman charged with felony after recording political event

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A Roswell woman is facing a felony obstruction of an officer charge after the Dawson County Sheriff said she attacked a deputy. But Nydia Tisdale tells a different story.

Tisdale was at a political event last weekend in Dawsonville, attended by a number of Republican political candidates and lawmakers including Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, Attorney General Sam Olens and Governor Nathan Deal.

Tisdale said she was roughed up by Captain Tony Wooten while he tried to arrest her. Tisdale pointed to bruises on her arm and cited it as proof of the treatment she received at the hands of Wooten.

The website Fetchyournews.com has posted audio on its cite that it claims is Tisdale yelling and screaming while Wooten tried to arrest her.

"He grabbed my arm. There is a thumb print (on my arm) where he bruised me. It hurt tremendously. I have never been manhandled like that before," Tisdale said.

The Dawson County Sheriff is investigating. According to the criminal warrants, Tisdale elbowed Wooten in the face and kicked him in the shin. Tisdale said the ordeal began when she was told to stop recording the speeches at the event.

"I said I had spoken to several candidates and the owner when I arrived and no one objected to me filming," Tisdale said.

Tisdale said eventually Wooten approached her and began forcibly removing her from the property. In audio posted on Fetchyournews.com, you can hear someone scream and demand that Wooten identify himself. Tisdale confirms the voice is hers.

"What is your name sir? What is your name," Tisdale said. "I protested loudly because I wasn't doing anything wrong. No one with authority had told me to leave. I had already spoken to an owner Kathy Burt, (of Burt's Pumpkin Farm)," Tisdale said.

CBS 46 tried contacting the Burts but the calls were not returned. The Burts did tell Dawsonnews.com,Tisdale misled them and they told Wooten to make Tisdale stop recording or leave.

Attorney General Sam Olens said he doesn't approve of people attacking sheriff's deputies, but he also said the situation was handled poorly.

"I thought it was inappropriate. I thought it was unnecessary. I know Mrs. Tisdale, she is a nice lady but my answer would be the same whether I knew her or didn't know her. Folks should have that right to record us," Olens said.

Wooten has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation which sheriff officials said is standard procedure.

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