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Do not use debit card at the bar

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Many of you will be out and about celebrating your long weekend. But be careful of where you swipe your debit card. You should avoid using it at the bar. There are people out to get you--and by that--I mean your money; and they will drain your bank account in a heartbeat, given the chance. says this is why you need to avoid using your debit card at a bar...

  • You may have a bartender who is a fraudster. With an open tab and your card sitting at the register the whole time, it would be easy for someone to snag your card info and use it to do some purchasing of their own.
  • ATM fees, which are quick to add up as soon as you start withdrawing money. The cost of using an ATM is right around $3 to $4.
  • A skimmer that may be attached to that ATM. It is a magnetic strip reader that thieves will pop over the actual ATM slot to steal your card number. They are not easy to detect.
  • Not being able to accrue rewards points, which is mostly associated with credit cards.
  • With that said, you are better of using your credit card at the bar since it offers protection against fraud--or simply use cash you withdraw from your bank.

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