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Hurricane-force winds cause damage in Polk County

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Hundreds in Polk County spent Sunday cleaning up downed trees and power lines.

Severe storms hit between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Saturday, killing some cattle, ripping the roof from at least one home and damaging others.

Extra road crews worked Sunday to make streets passable again.

Winds recorded at 80 mph were at hurricane force when they blew through Polk County.

Georgia Power also had crews trying to restore power for more than a thousand in Rockmart and Fish Creek. It wasn't soon enough for the Miranda family, who was going on hour 18 without power Sunday afternoon.

"It happened fast," Luis Miranda said.

Nature's power ripped the power lines from the side of Miranda's Bennett Road home in Rockmart.

"All the trees were turning the way they're not supposed to," Miranda said. "Next thing I know, I see sparks coming out of the side of my eye and I looked and all I saw was sparks going on"

"It ripped the pole from my house all the way out. A tree limb fell and pulled the wires down," Miranda said.

The lines landed across Miranda's car.

"The car had a half a tank of gas in there and I didn't know if everything was going to blow up and have a fire here? So I had to do what I had to do," Miranda said.

Miranda moved the wires using a broomstick and drove the car away from the house. For his family, it was a long, hot night without power or air conditioning.

"We had to sleep on the floor with the door open just to get air in the house," Miranda said.

After 18 hours without power, the Mirandas were worried about their recent trip to the grocery store and the food they had in the refrigerator.

"They told me we'll be there one hour, two hours at the max, still haven't seen them," said Melisa Miranda of the Georgia Power crews the family was still waiting on Sunday afternoon.

"Just sitting waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for somebody to come. The house is dark inside, nothing is working inside," Luis Miranda said.

At the height of the storm, more than 2,000 Georgia Power customers were without power.

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