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Protect your passwords from being hacked

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At the least, you probably have three different online accounts, possibly more. Which means keeping up with your passwords can be quite the chore. But it is imperative to have a different password for each one. Thanks to the "H" word--hacking. It's convenient to have the same password for each account, but you are doing yourself a disservice.

You need to protect your accounts, especially the ones linked to your money. The Better Business Bureau says this his how you can prevent someone from hacking your password...

Use mnemonics, which is a patter than helps you remember something like a phrase. Come up with a sentence that is meaningful to you. Then use the first letter of each word, and mix in numbers. Here is I love to eat sushi at least twice a month:  Il2eSaL2xaM

Sign up for a secure password management tool, like KeePass. All your passwords go into a single database; and you only need to remember one key code to access all of them.

Do not use any identifiable information, like your birthday, family member's name, social security number, or sequential numbers.

And as annoying as it can be, change your passwords at least twice a year. Every three months is even better. Frequent changes sound crazy, but that is when KeePass comes in handy.

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