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Avoid false advertising and hidden disclaimers

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Sometimes advertisements that claim a product will change your life--or the way you look--can be easy to buy into. But you do not want to fall victim to these ads, especially with holiday shopping under way. Some of them are over-hyped, which means they are trying to push something that does not do what it claims.

Though, it may seem tough to turn down a product that will help you look younger, lose weight, or have more energy. Consumer Reports says this is what you need to do before giving in...

  • Know what you are getting if you are buying from a business you do not typically use. Read the fine print, keep a copy, and for anything that is missing, be sure to get it in writing.
  • Find out what the "risk free" offers really entail. There may be things you have to pay for, like return shipping or automatic billing. Not all details are clearly disclosed.
  • Head over to the Better Business Bureau website to check out company reports, reviews, and any complaints.
  • Use a credit card for your purchases. It is easier to dispute a charge, whether it is an unauthorized purchase or misrepresentation. Be sure to have a copy of the advertisement so you can prove that it was misleading.


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