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Law enforcement cautiously supports medical marijuana

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Corey Lowe has fought a year-long battle to legalize a drug she believes could save her daughter's life.

Lowe, whose daughter, Victoria, suffers with dozens of dangerous seizures each day, believes medical marijuana could help her lead a healthier life.

"We're fighting for medicinal use only," Lowe said at special hearing at Georgia Gwinnett College on medical marijuana.

"It would only be for children who suffer from seizures into adulthood," Lowe said.

Earlier this year, State Rep. Allen Peake sponsored a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana in oil-based form for young people with life-threatening seizures, not the recreational drug that gets people high.

Frank Rotondo, executive director for the Association of Georgia Chiefs of Police, said his group supports Peake's bill, but Rotondo said medical marijuana may open doors that can be hard to close.

"It starts as a platform as a legitimate product to help children. We've seen data from other states which shows they do segue in from medical marijuana to full legalization," Rotondo said.

Shannon Cloud, whose daughter, Alaina, lives with a rare form of epilepsy, said law enforcement officials should not worry.

"Any law that helps medical marijuana patients will not have any impact one way of another on those recreational users," Cloud said. "We really want to get the medicine into the hands of people who need it."

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