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Testimony concludes in Burrell Ellis corruption trial

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Testimony in the Burrell Ellis corruption trial ended Friday and the jury was sent home for the weekend.

The suspended DeKalb County CEO is accused of strong arming contractors for campaign contributions or risk losing county work.

Ellis spent a third day on the stand Friday. He was the defense's final witness on the stand in the high-profile trial. 

The district attorney pressed Ellis on whether he canceled a company's contract after the vendor refused to contribute to his campaign. The CEO testified the county's purchasing director, Kelvin Walton, and other staff members weighed in on which companies received county work.

"Kevin Walton met with the department head and came back to me a second time and told me we were not doing work with Power and Energy Services," Ellis told the court. "It was not a decision I made, a decision that had been made by the department."

However, jurors heard from several contractors who said they felt Ellis pressured them to donate to his campaign.

The D.A. asked Ellis specifically about the testimony of Joanne Wise, who worked with a company that provided technology consulting services for DeKalb County.

"I heard her testimony," said Ellis. "I don't remember the specifics of what she said, but I did not threaten Joanne Wise."

The CEO is facing 13 charges, including bribery, extortion and perjury. He has maintained he is innocent.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin on Monday at 9 a.m.

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