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Consumer headlines - Potential recall for Ford?

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Recall time?

U.S. safety regulators are investigating complaints of power steering problems in 940,000 Ford vehicles. These are the cars affected:

  • 2010-2012 Ford Fusion
  • Lincoln MKZ
  • 2011 Mercury Milan

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 500 complaints have been filed, addressing the loss of power assisted steering. That issue makes it harder to drive the vehicle. Restarting helped correct some problems; but the same issue returned in the others. Depending on the outcome, this could lead to a recall.


Health insurance...simple is as simple does

Walmart is offering a service where customers can compare health insurance plans. Customers often complain about the complexity of health insurance plans.

Walmart hopes they can simplify the process for people by setting up agents in more than 2,500 stores nationwide to assist in choosing and enrolling in a health insurance plan. Agents will be in the stores beginning October 10th.


Money machines ain't cheap

If you need to withdraw some cash, you better hunt down an ATM from your bank. says ATM fees for out of network use are up 5 percent this year and 23 percent over the last five years.

And consider it a double whammy most of the time...chances are you will be hit twice. Once from your bank to use an out of network machine--and once from the bank owning the ATM. You could easily pay an upwards of $6, depending on your bank, for out-of-network use.


Cough it up for coffee

You will continue to see the price of coffee rise. The drought in Brazil is not getting any better; and the coffee crop is suffering. Commodity brokers believe coffee prices will rise as high as 12 percent before the end of the year...maybe even my Thanksgiving.


Fast food slows down

If you are in a hurry this morning and think you will just pick up breakfast in the drive-thru, you might save time by making it at home. QSR Magazine says drive-thru wait times have jumped by 40 seconds this year.

There is actually a good reason for part of the jump. Fast food joints are offering healthier options, which take longer to make. The busiest time of the day--snack time--between 2pm and 5pm.

Savings? What savings?

New data shows young people's interest--and efforts--to save money has declined in the past year. It shows enthusiasm for saving has dipped from 77 to 68 percent for young adults ages 18 to 34.

The group American Saves conducted the survey...and their Executive Director says low incomes and high debts may have contributed to the change.


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