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Chipped cards, working over time, Twitter sues

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Chip off the new block

Over the next year, your credit cards will undergo a major change. The banks will begin issuing cards with microchips in them to make them more secure--and shopping in a store--safer.

Bank of America is already doing it, giving chipped cards to new customers, as well as replacing expiring cards.

But retailers are not quite ready...they are lagging behind with the installation of chipped card readers. Most stores are expected to be ready by October 2015.


Weekend schmeekend

No one has to tell you how many hours you put in during a week. But, what might surprise you is how many more hours, especially nights and weekends, you work compared to the rest of the world.

On average, Americans work about 400 more hours per year, than Europeans do. Most of that comes during odd hours. A report from Europe says it is partially due to America not being a generous welfare state like other countries; and there is more demand for overtime pay in the U.S.


Twitter's feathers ruffled

Twitter is suing the U.S. government, saying its free speech rights are being violated. Twitter says the government will not let it release a report it prepared earlier this year tied to surveillance requests.

Twitter says it is considered a criminal act if it tells users how many National Security letters and Foreign Intelligence Service Act court orders have been issued to the social network.


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